Human Hair Extension Caring Tips

How to care for hair extensions is, and really should be one of the most important steps in your decision to get them. Would you be happy with extensions that look good only about a month or so? Of course not! Taking care of hair extensions is an ongoing process, girlies, the results of which depend on you, your efforts and knowledge.

1. Brush, Brush, Brush
Using a soft bristle brush, start at the bottom, as you would with your natural hair, detangling that area first before you move up to work on the top sections. Be gentle with your extensions too, as pulling will cause serious breakage, turning your gorgeous, shiny hair into a frizzy-looking mess. Bonds can generally be quite a tangle-magnet. Simply use your fingers to pry away any looped strands that don’t belong there, inspecting each set of bonds for knots. Taking care of hair extensions this way will definitely help you reduce maintenance.

2. Wash Carefully
Washing is crucial for the proper maintenance of hair extensions and there are a couple of rules to follow to make sure they continue looking good. Detangle before shampooing. Use a good shampoo that does not contain protein or alcohol which will weaken the bonds. Prevent tangling using a downward motion when shampooing and rinsing. Alcohol based products are not the best ones to be using on your hair extensions as they will dry them out; matte them down and make them more prone to tangling. Furthermore, applying a lot of alcohol-based products and failing to rinse them out fully and in good time can weaken the bonds and cause a lot of shedding.

3. Condition like a Pro
A nice, nourishing leave-in conditioner will be a perfect follow up for your hair-extensions maintenance routine. Spray it on or work it in using the same downward motion, brush out any remaining tangles carefully and voila! No need to apply a whole lot of nourishing products at once as this will make your hair look dull and limp.

4. Letting them Dry Naturally
Easier said than done! Excessive heat is damaging to the bonds of hair extensions.

5. Blow Dry Carefully
Use a low-heat setting to dry bonds and surrounding hair first then style/dry the rest of your hair as usual.

6. Go Easy on your Bonds
Treat your bonds with care, not only when blow-drying, but whilst styling as well. In plain English, do not clamp your flat iron over the bonds. Harsh pulling, wringing or a habit of knotting your hair tightly is a no-go if you want your extensions to last long! Furthermore, this might even damage your real hair, causing the bonded length to break off and ruining your chances of having beautiful longish hair after the extensions are removed.

7. Store with Care
Store with love when unused. Clean, condition, dry and detangle them first then place them in an air-tight container big enough to accommodate them perfectly.

8. Wear a Swimming Cap
Taking care of hair extensions in summer needs to include a serious cap-wearing habit as chlorine and salt aren’t your hair’s best friends. I know… swimming caps aren’t exactly the hottest headwear of the season, but hey, the same could be said for a rat’s nest which is exactly the way your hair you paid good money for us going to look if exposed to these elements regularly. Do also invest in a nice sun hat to keep direct sunlight and excessive heat at bay.

9. Get Informed about Hair Extensions
Are your extensions made of synthetic or human hair? Human hair can be brushed, straightened, curled, even re-dyed should you decide to change your hair colour.

10. Visit your Stylist Regularly
Even the best quality extensions needs upkeep, which means that caring for hair extensions also involves regular trips to the salon for a pro check-up. Your hair can look absolutely gorgeous up to six whole months if you decide to follow the rules and check back with your stylist every 5-7 weeks for professional, thorough detangling, styling, chop and eventual re-fitting.

11. After Care Treatment for Human Hair Extensions
We highly recommend our ILLIPE butter mask and serum as after care treatment for all our Human Hair extensions.

This creamy mask deeply moisturizes and nourishes dry and brittle hair. Its formula, enriched with illipe butter, repairs as well as restores strength and elasticity to your hair. Lightweight and flexible, they recover their softness and shine.

Once or twice a month after shampooing, apply generously on drained hair. Leave for five to fifteen minutes (the longer the better) then rinse thoroughly.

Resulting from the advanced research of Wilson Laboratories, this Illipe Butter mask and Pro Vitamin B5 is a completely new concept in the treatment of dry, brittle, split, coloured, bleached, permed or straightened hair.

These two essential elements (Illipe and Pro Vitamin B5) are combined into a mask, rich in nourishing and rehydrating elements. Regular use allows the hair shaft to rebuild from the inside; hair scales close again by trapping these essential nutrients. The hair regains strength and vitality, flexibility and shine.

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