Shock treatment, Hot oil treatment, Detangling, soothing and smoothing:

Specially suitable for ultra-dry hair, the Keralong's oil bath is composed of softening and detangling oils. Carefully follow the directions for use, it brings radiance and beauty to your hair. Available in 250ml and 1l.

Shock treatment, High performance repair, Detangling, soothing and smoothing:

The repair is a very non-greasy fluid ideal for treating soft peaks and dried lengths, split and damaged hairs. Thanks to its lubricating action, the serum can give an immediate silky and soft effect to the hair. No rinsed formula. Available in 100 ml

Hot Oil Treatment

Packaging: 250ml
Sale Price (Excl*. VAT): R79,95

Hibiscus Oil Serum

Packaging: 100ml
Sale Price (Excl*. VAT): R119,95

Growth Stimulating Lotion

Packaging: 150g
Sale Price (Excl*. VAT): R125,95

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